Why would anyone spend a fortune on breast enhancement methods?

Representing femininity, sensuality and fertility, women breasts have a great impact on how women see themselves. Statistics show that almost 8 in 10 women consider that their eyes are more beautiful that their breasts. It seems that the manufacturers of products for breast enhancement know that women are unhappy with their breast size, since there are so many various supplements, chemical pills, devices, creams and gels that help – more or less – women feel more confident about themselves.

Although numerous providers claim to offer the best product and the best results, this is not quite true. Many breast enhancement products currently available on market can harm the health of the consumers and lead to irreversible damages.

Breast Actives is the best seller breast enhancement program that naturally enhances size of breasts without causing negative side effects. Consisting in pills, cream and exercise program, Breast Actives program provides bigger, firmer, fuller and toner breasts in a healthy and natural way, while the ingredients included in the formulas of pills and cream will also improve the overall health.

The ingredients are 100% natural, safe and clinically proven to be effective and risk-free to use, reason why thousands of women have already tried Breast Actives and they were happy for achieving the results desired.

By following Breast Actives program as recommended, the consumers will gain by up to two more cup sizes in breast size, while their breast shape will be considerably improved and the contour will become more youthful and attractive.

Breast Actives program is affordable, the manufacturer provides special offers and the consumers will benefit of 90 day money back guarantee so the consumers who are unsatisfied with the results of treatment will get their money back.

According to the official website, the price of 1 month supply is $59.95, 2 month supply cost $109.95 and 4 month supply is $179.95, but the best deal is purchasing 6 month supply with $239.95, when the consumers will pay for 4 packages and get 2 for free.

Considering some of the alternatives to Breast Actives, the breast implants and hormone-based therapy, Breast Actives is healthier, less risky and a lot more affordable, as well. Here is a brief comparison of these three breast enhancement methods, considering some important aspects:

Results and effectiveness

Hormone-based therapies with pills and patches may be effective in offering the breast enlargement desired, if following the treatment for a few months, one year or even more, but breasts will revert to the same size once the treatment is stopped. Supplementing with hormones when it is not necessary can cause unwanted and negative results, reason why it is mandatory to seek the advice of a doctor before using these methods. High levels of certain hormone will lead to hormonal imbalance, which will trigger numerous unwanted side effects.

Breast implants offer the enlargement desired quite quickly, but this surgical procedure may lead to unwanted results: uneven breasts, asymmetric nipples, leakage of implant, infections, severe pain, scars and many others. In many cases, there were problems regarding tolerance of implant and additional procedures had to be performed.

Breast Actives contains only natural ingredients, so it will not cause negative results. Breasts will grow significantly after 6 to 9 months, depending on the particularities of each woman. The ingredients are proven to be effective in providing the enlargement expected, but natural and healthy breast enlargement does not occur overnight: the consumers have to be patient and diligently follow the treatment with Breast Actives for at least 6 months.

The impact on health

Hormone-based therapies can cause, besides the possible enlargement dreamed, weight gain, liver disease, acne, hair growth, cough, depression and even certain types of cancer.

Implant surgery can lead to numerous complications and unwanted side effects. Some consequences can be irreparable, breast tissue may be damaged, skin necrosis and haematoma can occur and the risk to develop breast cancer will be increased.

Breast Actives promotes the overall health of the consumers, due to the natural ingredients contained in the formulas of pills and cream. Breast Actives balances the hormone levels, increases blood flow, lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in blood, improves the reproductive function, increases libido, improves the appearance and health of nails, skin and hair, supports digestion, alleviate the symptoms of PMS, improve memory and focus and encourages the general wellbeing as well.


Hormone-based therapies cost about $200 per month. Comprehensive lab work is necessary before actually using hormone therapy and these tests may cost up to $600. One year therapy will cost almost $3000.

Breast augmentation through implant surgery costs a few thousands of dollars (up to $10,000), but in some cases additional surgical procedures are required, so the price will be higher.

6 month supply of Breast Actives costs $239.95, which means that, besides the fact that Breast Actives is healthier and with less (actual none) complications, it is also a lot more affordable. In most cases, 6 month treatment was enough to get the results expected, but some of the consumers of Breast Actives had to use the pills and cream for 9 months in order to achieve two more cup sizes.

If you do not want to spend a little fortune on a breast enhancement method that may even harm your health, choose something more affordable and healthier. Use Breast Actives program and you will certainly enjoy its effectiveness!