Privacy Policy

Collecting your personal details allows us to understand your needs and requests, to provide custom Content and to adapt advertising space to your preferences. It is true that we get a commission advertising commercial products, but this is the way we can cover expenses building and maintaining this Website. We respect your privacy and we do not use the information you provide.

To answer your questions and to keep an evidence about the way you use the Website, we may ask for personal information, as your name, address, email address or phone number. Such an information will solely be used to track the fake requests and make sure we provide the correct information to the right visitors. We will never use private information to send you product offers or any type of advertisement without your consent.

All the personal information that we may collect is offered voluntarily. We never force anyone to provide us such details. We shall never transmit personal information to third parties, nor sell them or disclose them, with the exception of partners in charge with the smooth functioning of the Website and representatives of law.

We could use technologies that allow us to collect technical details, regarding your internet address, your operating system, type of browser you use, traffic tracking on our website. All these details are use only to improve our visitors experience and the services we provide further.

Breast Actives UK has the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any given time, without your consent. Please, make sure you visit this page before using our website and send us an explicit message if you do not want us to collect any kind of information about you. We shall comply with your request and delete any actual data.